Congratulations to this week's winner of the Polio Plus Monday Night Football Raffle:  Dave Wight!  Kind of a fun week for Dave...won the football raffle, had a birthday, got to be the weekly program....If only I'd had a video camera to tape the happy dance for you! 
Please remember......We do need to give the Black Bear Inn a head count EVERY week.  We anticipate that every one will attend the meeting every week and our count starts from there.  Thus if you will not be coming to a meeting or you will be bringing guests please remember to be helpful and let President Corina know no later than noon on the Wednesday before the meeting.  You do not have to tell her if you are coming....only if you are NOT coming or are bringing guests.  The weekly head count is a little tedious but very important as it affects the finances of the club.   If you do not let us know that you will not be attending the meeting, we have to pay for your meal.  Sometimes last minute things crop up and someone can't make it.  Your meal still has to be paid for and that comes out of the club's coffer; so if this happens please consider paying for your attendance anyway so as not to adversely affect the club's savings.  The BBI is a good venue with lots of amenities for the club, so please 'bear' with it while we all make the adjustments and fine tune the details to make this a rewarding relationship for all parties.  Our $12 pays for ALL the amenities provided us (not just food);  with that in mind please be prepared to pay the weekly attendance fee if you attend the meeting, whether or not you choose to dine. Besides a meal, this money pays for the room, a waitress, linens, AV equipment, a sound system and podium to use every week, and a closet on site where we are allowed to safely store our club's belongings so we don't have to cart them back and forth every week. 
-The December Board meeting will be a brief meeting held after one of our regular meetings. Date to be determined.
-For those who missed last week's meeting...we had a program all about The Rotary Foundation.  Club Foundation Chair Dave Wight is available for all members (in a group or one on one) to answer your questions, help you understand how the foundation works for us, and assist you in designing a plan for giving that works for your specific situation.  Just ask him - anytime! 
-The Christmas party is on December 11th...if you missed last week's bulletin the story with the details is still on the website.
- The Festival of Lights Parade is December 6th.  We will be decorating the float on Wednesday evening December 3rd at Bugsy's shop, 6:00p.m..  Additionally, this will be held as a Rotary Day!  If you don't know what a Rotary Day is and missed last week's explanation, you can read it on the website.
That's all folks......tune in next week for more scintillating news from President Corina!!!