Old Town Rotarians are finding inspiration in all the right places.
What better venue could we possibly have as a backdrop for our weekly fun and fellowship than Sarah's House: an amazing place specifically designed to extend love, warmth, and comfort to our neighbors in their time of need.  Our regular weekly meeting of 7-24-14 put on a slightly different face.  Instead of an interesting program speaker, we had a work party and everyone showed up ready to get down and dirty.  Many even came early, chomping at the bit to get some work done before the tantalizing aroma of burgers and red snappers wafting in from the grill lured us all to the great hall to share our usual meeting meal.  It was all topped off by an eclectic assortment of that Official State Treat of Maine- whoopie pies! 
We had a great time and even now, unfinished as it is, you can feel Sarah's spirit alive in these walls as she continues to inspire us to make her dream come true.  There is still plenty of work to be done so please stop by any day after 8:00 a.m. and spend whatever time you can spare - there are lots of different jobs and something for just about every skill level.  Come on by and let Sarah inspire you!!  
Check out the photo album for Sarah's House to see our fun and fellowship at work.  You can access it in the left column either on the Club Website Home Page or in the eBulletin.  Click on the slide show to cycle through the photos or choose individual photos to view by clicking directly on the picture.  Enjoy!!