Speaker Date Topic
David Wollstadt Feb 02, 2023 6:00 PM
Dave's Classification Talk
Road Trip to Milligan's Landing Feb 09, 2023
John Milligan (and maybe Bernie) will talk about their renovation of the former KC Hall

John will also talk about the current status of their embroidery and sports businesses.

Doug Brendel Mar 02, 2023
Humanitarian Charity NewThing.net in Belarus

. I lead the humanitarian charity NewThing.net in Belarus. The work is especially interesting and important now, in the context of the Ukraine conflict.  I’ll bring a fun gift for each attendee. (I’ve written a couple novels, one winning a prize for humor, and I’ve performed in amateur theatrical comedies for decades, so my talk will be lively!) Our work is 100% volunteer and humanitarian, completely non-political and non-religious; and I never ask for money from a Rotary Club. 

Road trip to Versant Astronomy Center at UMaine Apr 06, 2023
"We are Guardians" at the Astronomy Center. Pizza at the Astronomy Center at 5:30, show at 6:30