Jun 06, 2019
Jessica Dumont and Andrew Walker, Old Town-Orono Y
Partnership with RSU 34 to help raise aspirations of middle school and high school students
At the YMCA, we have partnered with RSU #34 to receive a multi-year grant that is designed to help raise the aspirations of middle school and high school students.  For the last 2 years, we have  been working with 2 cohorts of middle school students (16-17 students in each cohort) and are about to begin recruiting our 3rd cohort.
Part of this program is connecting these students with positive adult mentors.  We are in need of adults that might be interested in connecting with some of our middle school students.  If we have an open week for a speaker at Rotary, would it be possible to have Jessica Dumont and Andrew Walker come in to tell the group more about this program and determine interest in mentoring?