Sep 05, 2019
Kate Dickerson, Maine Science Fair

The MSF is an independently funded program of the Maine Discovery Museum), and we launched our first festival in 2015 after three years of planning. In essence, the MSF is a celebration of the national and world leading science by the Mainers who do it. This is achieved primarily via our five-day festival in March (2020 dates: March 18th-22nd, in Bangor), with all events (except the headliner) free of charge, thanks to our sponsors. We just completed our fifth festival and in our first five years we've had more than 50,000 Mainers from all over the state join us to celebrate and learn about the national and world leading science happening daily here in Maine. In addition to the festival, we also have MSF Pop-up events throughout the year in locations around the state. It's a way to remind people that science is happening every day and that these events are just a sample of what to expect at the full Maine Science Festival.